Karen McCoy Horse Trainer

Karen's History and Goals

horse trainer When you first meet Karen McCoy you can't help but notice her pleasant attitude, warm smile and her infectious enthusiasm about training horses.

Karen was raised in Monroe Washington into a large and loving family that nurtured her love of horses. Her siblings all agree that with Karen it was always about the horses. She started at a very young age riding, grooming and learning everything she could about working with horses, as she grew so did her passion for them.

Over the course of time Karen acquired a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to being a horse trainer. And as you may have guessed by now, Karen was an enthusiastic student and learned very quickly, but in the course of her training she always felt there was something lacking.

The thing that was missing was the foundation the manners training! No one was teaching the foundation training. The foundation for all training and for the safety of you and your horse. So she set out to learn all the ins and outs about manners ground training horses. And while learning about ground manners horse training she realized she actually enjoyed it and further went on to developed her own unique training style, one with a soft but firm hand, gaining the respect and trust of the horse, and making it feel safe, secure, and eager to please.

Karen thoroughly enjoys creating a bond with a horse as she instructs, guides, reassures and admires him. While the training is actually a pleasure rather than a chore for Karen, when it does come time to saddle up, the horse is far more confident in Karen's ability to lead him safely and she is far more confident that he will not let her down.

Every horse in Karen's care is treated as if it was her own and the goal at the end of the training is to have an excellent foundation for you and your horse to build on, where both you and your horse are safe and happy in all your future aspirations as great partners...

Please Contact Karen at Way Out Ranch in Sedro Woolley, WA. with any questions you may have or for a free consultation and evaluation.