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Groundwork Is Key To A Good Relationship

Importance Of Horse Manners

See What Karen Has To Offer

stables Ground work training is like building a house, you have to have a strong foundation to build the perfect house! Horse ground manners should never be underestimated it gives your horse a firm foundation on which to build...

If your horse bites and kicks, pushes you around, troughs his head, and/or steps on you. And you have tried to fix the problems with all the How To Videos, books and maybe you have even taken a clinic or two on horse manners (ground work). You have spent a lot of time and money trying to fix the problems. But the problems are still there. WOW, let's stop here and take a breath!

Most horses have problems because they have had little or no ground manners education. After saying that, some horses have problems that are not related to education but are due to mental or physical issues. Believe me when I tell you, you're not alone! Many other horse owners have experienced the same discipline problems.

Good News There Is Help
Karen McCoy is an experienced horse trainer that specializes in ground manners, colt starting and problem solving. She uses techniques that are proven to work in most all situations. She will tell you horses don't speak English and there is NO miracle cure. Solving the problems is a lot of repetition and hard work but it's worth it for a life time of rewards. Her background in horse training is extensive and she will guide you through the steps to make you a leader and a happier horse owner.

What Can Karen Do For You
Karen will evaluate you and your horses level of manners education. When she is finished she will lay out all your options so you can make an informed decision. Training is a big investment in your partnership with your horse. Therefore you should weigh out all your options very carefully to insure you receive the best training for your horse and yourself.

How long before you see results? No two horses are alike. They all have different problems some with respect and confidence issues. Some horses have people problems and some horses have both. The learning time frame varies depending on how quickly you and your horse learn and the amount of time you devote to the schooling.

All the training takes place at Way Out Ranch, a beautiful boarding and training facility with a large indoor arena with great footing and lush pastures. It's situated in the Day Creek area of Sedro Woolley Washington. That's about twenty minutes from Mount Vernon, Washington. It sits on twenty of the most pristine acres in Skagit County.

It's A Team Effort
In the course of your training Karen will teach you how to train your horse. Being the leader is one of the most important thing to learn and one of the hardest to learn. You will learn to be calm and consistent. You will see the changes take place in your relationship with your horse as your training progresses. Your horse will learn ground manners basics and that you are the leader.

Training is a team effort. Through groundwork training you and your horse will grow and develop into a great team. Where you both feel safe and secure as possible and have a Lot of fun doing it.

Karen will tell you ground manners training is a lot of repetition and hard work, but when you are rewarded with a horse you can enjoy and love to be around it's all worth it. Whether you and your horse just trail ride or go on to other disciplines you will have the confidence in knowing you are in control. You and your horse will have bonded, making you ready to experience all the joy of owning a horse can bring.

Don't Wait
Get Help Now!

leader So now that you know there is help out there for you and your horse. Why not pick up the phone and give Karen a call. She's always delighted to meet with you and answer any questions you many have on groundwork manners training.

What are you waiting for; this call could change your life!